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Atlantic Property Management’s Spectrum of Services

From property operations and accounting to maintenance and tenant relations, we develop and execute a unique management plan for each of our properties. We provide institutional level financial and operational reports tailored to meet each client’s specific requirements while utilizing the latest technology and software across all service lines.

Maximize value, Minimize Risk and Maximize Returns. 

Atlantic’s Asset Management team coordinates property management, third party leasing agents, construction, ancillary income and real estate tax valuations as one of our core strengths. Aligning all facets of commercial real estate is an integral component for the repositioning and maximized returns for each asset.

An integral part of maximizing an owner’s value is controlling the design and construction processes of both the tenant improvement and owner capital improvement projects. Atlantic works closely with the design professionals, space planners, engineers and contractors to ensure that the scope and end product is both satisfying to tenants’ needs, and applicable to the business plan of the property owner. Atlantic reviews and suggests value engineering ideas as well as scopes changes that will meet owner’s and property budgets.

Atlantic is your single source solution to oversee every square foot of your operations and extend the life of your physical assets. Our professionals monitor vendors on a regular basis to ensure timeliness, adequacy, and thoroughness of services. Atlantic manages each piece of building equipment as its own asset by creating detailed and meticulous maintenance plans. These programs are critical to the duration of equipment and prevent unnecessary replacement costs that can jeopardize cash flow for any asset.

Atlantic advises their clients to evaluate sustainable practices relating to the environmental impact of buildings and the benefits that accrue to property owners in terms of growth in bottom line and asset valuations and to tenants in terms of operational efficiency and productivity. ESG (environmental, social, governance) is used as a framework to assess how a commercial real estate portfolio manages risks and opportunities that shifting market and non-market conditions create. Atlantic has the expertise, vendor partnerships and experience to navigate our clients through this process.